Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bird garters

UPDATE: Those of you who wanted a higher-res picture, here is a sample.
Warp: Red silk (fibreholics)
Weft: Red sewing silk
Brocade weft: Anchor gold lame, green and good DMC cotton
Pattern: 13th century German, birds and zigzags. EPAC p.143
Cards: 18 (EPAC pattern has 16, original band had 17)
Width: 1.5cm
Length: 2 x 40cm

It's been an odd 3 months, with earthquake and moving house and other interruptions. This is the first project I've managed to finish in that time. It is a pair of garters to go with a pair of silk hose I made earlier in the year.

The pattern can be found on page 143 of EPAC and is from a 13th century band from Memmelsforf bei Bamberg. It depicts birds (eagles?) in two different colours of silk, separated by gold zigzags. That's 3 different brocading wefts- never more than two on the same line though, thank goodness.

I wove this band backstrap-style and it's somewhate uneven.

The hose are made of red silk lined with pink silk. They were so much more fiddly to make than woolen hose, I don't think I'll be doing that again any time soon! With less stretch they don't fit as snugly either, but I think they did OK in the end. The buckles on the garters are X-41 from Raymond's Quiet Press.

Sorry for the fuzzy photo, I no longer cohabitate with a scanner!